Thank you for your interest in the Bahr Marine Ecology Lab. The Bahr Lab welcomes undergraduate students with strong desire to learn more about marine ecology and gain experience in a lab setting.

Research Interests

The Bahr Lab is focused on providing scientific knowledge and understanding to help better conserve, manage, and protect our fragile marine ecosystems. Therefore, our research interests may be broad but have a common theme of investigating biotic response to environmental change across organizational levels (i.e., individual, community, ecosystem) to better improve management and understanding. I encourage students to come up with their own research questions and ideas that align with research interests of the lab.


Before contacting me, it's also important to ask yourself whether you will likely be a good fit for the lab. 

Some key characteristics that I look for in undergraduate students are: 

  • A 6 month commitment to the lab

  • A strong sense of self-sufficiency, innate motivation and willingness to work hard to excel

  • Integrity, passion, kindness and team-oriented

Once in the lab, I expect that students will read broadly in the current literature; attend, engage, and present at lab meetings, departmental seminars & scientific meetings. I also expect my students to be good colleagues to others in the lab by helping to maintain lab morale, lab organization & cleanliness, and to contribute to the projects of lab mates in the same way that they will help others.

Undergraduate Research Funding Opportunities at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi (TAMUCC):

McNair Scholars Program 
For upper-level undergraduate students (junior or senior) which provides a research stipend (up to $2800) for research projects.

TAMUCC Internal Grants
Student Research Competition Grant: Undergraduate and graduate students can apply for awards up to $800 each to support research conducted in any degree-granting program on campus under the direction of a faculty mentor.

Funding Opportunities

Next Steps

If you believe you are a great fit for the Bahr Lab and are able to commit at least 6 months to the lab, please fill out the following form.

My main commitment as an educator and researcher is to promote and support diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sciences. So please consider joining my lab if you are a first-generation college student, a student from a low-income background, a member of a racial or ethnic minority group, if you identify as a woman or as LGBTQ+, and/or if you have a disability.
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi is a wonderful university and would be stronger with you in it.